D.R. systems inc.

Consulting Services

D.R. systems inc. is a team of professional foresters and forestry software specialists, led by Dr. Don Reimer. We are dedicated to helping our client’s achieve sustainability and improved profitability through sound strategic planning, modern information systems and improved forest management.

We specialize in the following areas:

Growth and Yield Analysis and GY Research Program Design

Our consultants have over 35 years of experience in the design, implementation and management of forest and vegetation-based Growth and Yield research and analysis programs.

Forest and Rural land Sustainability Planning and Valuation

Our experience and technology enable us to analyze a wide range of options for managing landbases.

Multi-resource, Ecological Goods and Services, Bio-energy Analyses.

We can prepare a management plan that will allow your organization to achieve their financial and environmental goals.

Custom Application Development and System Integration

Our software development group creates PC-based practical forestry activity tracking and data collection software systems for forestry operations – all of which can be integrated to create a corporate reporting system. What better way to keep track of your obligations and accomplishments that with an easy to use database system for land managers?

Consulting Brochures

* DRS Consulting Brochure.pdf Software Addon Information brochure


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