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Background Information on the Referral Process

During Land Referral Forums and Workshops throughout the province, participants have shared their frustration about how the Land Referral Process has challenged First Nations politically, technically and operationally!  Some examples are:  lack of coordinated efforts across government ministries, no technical support and a lack of First Nations resources/training respectively.

First Nations must exercise governance over the management of resources and the cumulative impacts of development, therefore it is vital to find a solution to the Referral Process.

To assist communities with tackling this overwhelmingly arduous task of land referral requests, it is our pleasure to share with you RTS - Referral Tracking System.

RTS was designed and developed for First Nations by First Nations.

With the in-depth knowledge and experience provided by Adams Lake and Neskonlith Indian Bands, along with D.R. systems inc.'s software development expertise, we have developed an automated and customizable referral tracking system that will track, monitor and support your decision.  RTS is a system that gives your community control over your land referrals.   


Organize and Manage your referrals with ease

RTS - Referral Tracking System is a powerful tool that delivers a supportive environment to your existing referral process or jumpstarts a new process that does not currently exist.

RTS will maintain a snap shot in time of your rationale and decision for each referral you process.  All supporting documents can be stored to ensure historical integrity.

RTS will optimize your time and reduce costs by tracking work schedules, activity costs, automated responses, review current referral status and centralize information pertaining to each referral.

RTS is stored on your in-house server and has the ability to be accessed over the internet securely.  This means that your referral worker can access the system either on-site or off-site via the internet. 

RTS's intuitive locator tool allows for easy querying of the status of referrals, invoices and activities.   


 Customize RTS to suit your needs!

Letters can be modified to suit each need.  This includes adding your own logo and content while still retaining data on the letters.


RTS allows you to add your own letters to the standard set.  If there are additional letters that you need as part of your referral process, you can easily add these to RTS

Fee structures can be set up to mirror any agreements that you may have in place.

Activity types and their costs can be customized to meet your individual process.

RTS features a completely customizable Interests and Infringements rating system.  RTS enables you to store your rationale for the different ratings as support to your final rating. 

RTS is designed to work seamlessly with weCit.

RTS Benefits:
  • Organize and automate
  • Establish GuidelinesRTS
  • Invoicing
  • Track Activities, Deadlines and Costs
  • Historical Records
  • Reporting

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