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updated August 13, 2013

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What is TIMVEG?
TIMVEG is the data collection program developed to collect the timber emphasis portion of the B.C. Vegetation Resources Inventory.  It was tested over the Summer and Fall of 2000 by MoFR auditors and several certified field surveyors.  It has been used for production work since June of 2000.  TIMVEG supports collecting data for all field cards for both the VRI and CMI (NFI) surveys.

The system consists of a handheld program and PC program:

TIMVEG Handheld Software
The handheld program:

  • Allows edit checks & validation to be done during the process of collecting plot data. 
  • Is fast and flexible - allows plot data to be taken tailored to individual surveyor preference.
  • Contains several "forester" calculators & tools.
  • Has ability to print field cards from handheld via a serial DOS compatible printer.
  • Currently, runs efficiently on the Husky FS2, FS3, and HP Palmtop DOS handhelds.

TIMVEG PC Software
The DOS PC software:
  • Allows transfer of plot cluster data to and from the handheld
  • Limited editing capability of header card data and total editing ability for all notes.
  • Final batch validating of field data
  • Backup and retrieve plot files in PKZIP format
  • Print field cards to DOS compatible printer
  • Creates translate files for the MSRM database
Please Note -  The latest 2013 Versions (2013a)of CMI (NFI) and VRI TIMVEG released on Aug 8, 2013

Special instructions for those intending to use multiple handhelds on the same VRI or CMI Plot Sample.

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