June 15, 2010

VRI and CMI/NFI Timveg versions 2010a posted to download TIMVEG web site page.  Also two user guides updated with new sections highlighted for easy review.  New features explained in release notes in version release document.


November 27, 2008

VRI NVAF Handheld Data Entry User guide updated and posted to downloads section of web site


Oct 15, 2008

TIMVEG incompatibility with Microsoft VISTA

The Microsoft VISTA, 64 bit version does not run DOS programs.

If you are buying a new laptop or PC with VISTA ensure the 32 bit version is installed; not the 64 bit version.



Oct 15, 2007

NFI (CMI) and VRI version 2007d released.  New features are explained in release notes on download page.


May 8, 2007

 CMI and VRI version 2007c released.  Some validation bugs in the Ecology area fixed.


April 3, 2007

CMI and VRI version 2007b has been released.  refer to Download Page to review new features and bug fixes.


The CMI version (2005b) includes a correction to ensure that site trees are being validated and that the BA is being calculated correctly.

Small trees are automatically determined to be in the small plot based on Dbh parameter.




The version VRI and CMI (2005a) includes a correction to ensure that site trees are being validated


  1. The following Windows CE (and MS Mobile) are handheld applications by D.R. systems inc.

  • Sylva Star - Silviculture Surveys

  • Road Runner - Road Inspections and maintenance

  • Pocket Phoenix - Handheld Phoenix Professional mobile application

  • SylvaScale BC - BC Log scaling handheld

  • SylvaScale PNW - Scribner Log scaling for the PNW US

  • Sylva Engineer - Forest Engineering Survey program for roads, deflection lines, and traverses

  • Forest EcoSurvey - inventory data collection

  1. VRI TIMVEG Training sessions

Training sessions are available through D.R. systems.


  1. Support

Support for TIMVEG can be obtained through D.R. systems.  Support can be tailored to meet your crew needs and can include:


  • Weekday Phone support

  • Evenings and Weekend Phone support

  • Training sessions


Support can cover:

  • Handheld hardware support

  • TIMVEG software support

  • Creating special translate files for other databases.

  • Creating special reports.

  • Custom Programming.


Call D.R. systems at 1 (250) 760-1070

For TIMVEG Support
D.R. systems inc.
1 (250) 760-1070

Address: 202-2520 Bowen Road
Nanaimo, BC  V9T 3L3