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A handheld offers the advantage of catching mistakes before cruisers /surveyors leave the site.

TIMVEG Compatible Handheld Computers
TIMVEG is designed to be compatible and most efficient with:

  • Husky FS/3, FS/2
  • HP Palmtop LX (100 or 200)


  • Husky FS/3
The software originally was designed to take advantage of the hardware requirements of the display, keyboard, and communications for the Husky FS3.   In order to obtain the fastest data entry speed in the field, TIMVEG was designed to address the unique characteristics of the FS3 keyboard layout.  The Husky FS3 is considered the "standard" handheld of the BC Ministry of Forests.

  • The Husky FS/2
Since the keyboard, display, and communications are the same, TIMVEG is also compatible with the Husky FS/2 and will take advantage of the keyboard layout.

  • The Hewlett-Packard Palmtop 200 LX
TIMVEG was also enhanced based on the feedback from field testers to take advantage of the hardware and communications of the HP Palmtop LX.  The HP Palmtop offers the advantage of having a QWERTY or IBM style keyboard making the typing of notes (an important component of VRI plot cluster data) much faster for those used to the IBM keyboard layout.

- HP TIMVEG keyboard overlay -

A special pop-over keyboard template with labeled keys offers the benefit of easy navigation and fast data entry.

When the HP is bundled with the environmental kit it is one of the highest quality and lowest cost handhelds on the market.  It is also one of the least expensive to maintain.

Rental Program

HP Palmtop rentals area available. It has been estimated that it costs approximately $350/month for office staff to keypunch VRI data manually.  D.R. systems has an inventory of HP rentals available for TIMVEG at a very reasonable price for $350/month.
Other forestry data collection applications are also available.

For TIMVEG Support
D.R. systems inc.
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Address: 202-2520 Bowen Road
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Email: info@drsystemsinc.com