Sustainable Resource Management Consulting

Our team of professional foresters and software specialists, led by Dr. Don Reimer, provide expertise and innovation to clients in growth & yield programs, sustainability planning and bio energy analysis.
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Growth and Yield (GY) Analysis, Research and Program Design

If you have growth data available, or rely on regionally developed yield forecasts, we can help you prepare accurate, reliable estimates of growth rates and expected yields for your land base.

Collectively, our consultants have more than 35 years of experience in the design, implementation and management of forest and vegetation-based growth and yield (GY) research and analysis programs, including both hardwood and conifer species.

We’ve designed and developed GY programs, and developed accurate yield forecasts, for a wide range of forestry industry and government clients in the US, Canada, Chile, China and New Zealand.

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Forest and Rural Land Sustainability Planning and Valuation

We’ve conducted detailed analyses on more than 200 million hectares (500 million acres) of forest and rural lands. Our experience and technology enables us to identify a wide range of options for optimally managing your land base.

Our proprietary land-use planning tool, OPTIONS, will help you develop and evaluate spatially precise, sustainable land management solutions that are based upon your cash flow and fibre flow requirements, and environmental, social/cultural and habitat objectives. Our solutions are scalable to all land bases, from the smallest and most straightforward to highly complex, environmentally sensitive landscapes.

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Multi-resource, Ecological Goods and Services, and Bio-energy Analysis

Your marketplace is changing rapidly as a wide variety of goods and services that were previously available freely through forestlands are becoming potential profit centers. Rapid growth in global eco-tourism, coupled with spiking energy costs, are making some forestlands more valuable for energy production, carbon credits or tourism than for more traditional lumber or pulp products.

Over the last decade, we have routinely included these new types of products in the development of sustainable, integrated resource management plans for forested and rural landscapes.

Carbon sequestration credits, clean water credits, bio-diversity credits, and bio-energy credits are all impacting how forests and rural lands are being managed. Work with us to ensure  your land base is being used in the most effective, sustainable and profitable manner.

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