Who we are

Phoenix Connect is software made by foresters for foresters who understand the opportunities and challenges that exist in the forestry sector

Since 1983, our focus has always been on creating a lower cost, easy to implement, user-friendly software for the forest industry for our clients in the US and Canada.

Phoenix Connect works for any size forestry operation and scales as your company grows.

With a reputation for excellent customer support, we provide easy to reach support every step of the way, so you are up and running with it very quickly.

About Us

Easy forest management

Phoenix Connect - Successfully run your operations in the forest or in the office with our cloud-based solution

Using Phoenix Connect and our mobile app, you can easily enter your data in the field or the office securely anytime, anywhere. No matter the size of your operation, it's easy to get your forest set up and running on Phoenix Connect and you're always in charge. You decide what data you track and what reports you generate.

We take care of data security, automatic backups and updates for you. No need to invest in expensive hardware or hire additional staff to maintain it. Your data is safe and secure as we follow the ISO 27001/27017 Information Security/Cloud Hosting management standards.

Plus, you can depend on our friendly customer support team that knows forestry and responds quickly to your needs.

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Take control with Phoenix Connect

Phoenix Connect meets the needs of forestry management with a wide range of features


Who we work with

Clients across the US and Canada

Support across the US and Canada

Based in the Pacific Northwest, we have offices in Nanaimo, BC and Seattle, Washington

Our clients include forestry companies, First Nations, forestry consultants and contractors, private landholders, lawyers, tax accountants, management consulting firms and government agencies in the US and Canada.

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