How many users are allowed with each subscription?

Each Phoenix Connect subscription allows unlimited users

Who uses this software?

Any person or organization that needs to manage, monitor or improve their forest operation.

How is Phoenix Connect priced?

We charge an annual subscription that is based on the amount of forested land you are actively managing. Reach out to us and we can give you more details.

How are software updates provided?

We provide automatic updates directly to your account so there is nothing for you to do - just enjoy using Phoenix Connect!

Why would I want to switch from what we are already doing to using Phoenix Connect?

Our users tells us that they love:

  • the ease of being able to plan their harvest and silviculture activities
  • being able to track their road management and engagement activities
  • the convenience of viewing their forestry data from anywhere
  • being able to input data and pictures while they are in the field (saves hours when they get back to the office)
  • make maps on the fly based on your loaded spatial data

How long will it take for my team to be up and running on Phoenix Connect?

We know starting with a new technology can be daunting so that's why we provide plenty of support and training to you throughout the process. Our new clients are up and running in a few weeks and we are always just an email or text away to answer ongoing questions. That's why we have clients who been with us for years!     x250-591-4433     DR Systems Inc. Forestry Operations Management Software

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