Cloud-based solution

Total control with Phoenix Connect

No matter the size of your operation, it's easy to get your forest set up and running on Phoenix Connect. And with our mobile app, you can work efficiently in the field or the office. You're always in charge, as you decide what data you track, what reports you generate. We take care of data security as well as the automatic backups and updates for you at an affordable price.

No need to invest in expensive hardware or hire additional staff to maintain it. Plus, we have a friendly customer support team that knows forestry and responds quickly.

Benefits include:

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Manage environmental compliance
  • Make data driven decisions
  • Analyze and mitigate risk
  • Use it in the field or in the office

Phoenix Connect Overview

Mobile App

Integrated solution


Phoenix Connect allow users to create an effective plan, develop sustainable land management strategies and deploy highly effective monitoring systems for tracking progress.

Harvest Management

  • Block tracking and management - from planned to permitted to free growing to end of rotation
  • Easily track planned and actual harvest volumes
  • Customize your data rules to automate data entry so you save time and reduce errors
  • Track your activities and costs
  • Manage all permits, tenures and assets
  • Create management and harvest plans

Forest Activity Planning

  • Manage all forest management activities (e.g. silviculture, wildfire risk, surveys, audit prep, etc.)
  • Automate activity schedules based on disturbance, ecology or operation
  • Manage all liabilities, obligations, assessments and reporting in one place
  • Quickly prepare plans for harvesting and silviculture programs such as Forest Stewardship Plans and Site Plans
  • Manage planting - including assessment, reporting and automated allocations and SPAR updates
  • Manage your liabilities, assessment and reporting all in one place
  • Visual, user-friendly dashboard lets you see where you are at the touch of a button

Planting management

  • Create and store sowing requests
  • Add planting specifications to planting units
  • Match planting units to sowing requests
  • Allocate planned and planted trees

Roads Management

  • Track and maintain road sections, substructures and authorizations
  • Create automated inspection plans to stay on top of roads liabilities - know what you need to do and when
  • Plan inspection frequency to minimize your risk
  • Determine your maintenance activities and schedule them
  • Generate reports that help you track staff resources, timing of needed activities and dollars spent
  • Identify problems during inspections in the field and schedule the required maintenance


  • Make maps on the fly based on your loaded spatial data
  • Easily view maps, turn layers on or off and generate a georeferenced PDF
  • Identify separate units on planting or survey maps. Assign units different colors and include the related attributes/ instructions
  • Catch spatial errors & ensure data is correct and ready for submission by being able to preview the spatial data prior to XML creation
  • Seamlessly connect Phoenix Connect to your GIS software and share spatial field data


  • Build relationships and engage your community
  • Track Project tasks and communication with all interested parties
  • Define areas of interest and view them on a map
  • Organize contact information for Interested Parties
  • Identify any Items of Concern on the Project and record the measures taken to resolve them

Sync back when you have internet

Collect information in the field offline

  • View your Openings and SUs
  • Manage activities for Openings and Roads
  • Add Opening observations
  • Risk Rate your roads in real-time
  • View Road features and add problems as you see them in the field
  • Add documents or take a photo directly in the app with GPS coordinates included

Flexible and customizable

Extensive reporting capability

  • Generate common reports such as opening summary, silviculture treatment
  • Real time user driven queries
  • Intuitive import/export features that allow you to quickly share survey and planting data with 3rd party applications
  • Activity and task scheduling - all in one place
  • Configure reports (e.g. activity and planting) to your specific needs
  • Easily generate government XML (RESULTS, FTA, RRS)

Additional Benefits

  • Organized block management
  • Track planned and actual costs
  • Import 3rd party apps for planting and silviculture surveys
  • Standardize and reduce data entry errors
  • Very configurable/flexible - it can scale to size and to suite each operation
  • Clients control user access (e.g. what users can see and do, can add users as needed)
  • Easily see if you are on track to meet your goal and objectives
  • Highly flexible - configure PC to suit your operation
  • Scales with you as you grow (small or large)
  • Consolidate your data - no more searching for spreadsheets, reports or maps - find it all in one place, accessible to the whole team
  • Manage what your users can see and do
  • Reduce time spent in manual entry
  • No worry about software installs or data back ups as we do it all automatically for you
  • Data is accessible anywhere with an internet connection
  • Manage all documentation (e.g. reports, assessments, surveys, photos, etc.) in a central location

Know your data is safe and secure

Technical Overview

  • We understand the importance of safeguarding your data assets which is why we employ stringent measures to ensure its security, integrity and availability.
  • Our data management system follows the ISO 27001/27017 Information Security/Cloud Hosting management standards to ensure that we have covered all the bases when it comes to managing potential data risks.
  • We employ encryption across all areas of our application, as well as industry standard methodologies like 2FA, to protect the integrity of your data from unauthorized access.
  • We implement a triple backup architecture that stores database copies on regular intervals, in a distributed infrastructure model, to insure against any data loss, for any reason.
  • We are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our clients by implementing robust security measures; we continuously monitor and update our systems to stay ahead of emerging threats and perform backup and restore tests on a regular basis.

We work with your team

Easy to implement

The implementation of Phoenix Connect is a collaborative project where we work with your team to ensure the application is set up to best meet your operational needs. We examine your current data and work flows to determine the best way to transition to Phoenix Connect efficiently and effectively.

Our goal is to ensure that the process is smooth and straightforward so that your team can be up and running very quickly.

Step by step approach:

  • Plan - develop an implementation plan that will outline steps, dates, deliverables and key personnel
  • Integrate - setup the GIS integration setup including what data is to be synced, timing of syncing.
  • Configure - configure the system for user management , data input (e.g. data entry rules, master lists, etc.), planning and activity management, as well as reporting. It will include defining best practices for using Phoenix and determining new SOPs. Change management is critical when changing systems and our goal is to make as few changes as possible and to ensure the changes made are sensible and easy to adopt by users.
  • Migrate data - data can be migrated into Phoenix Connect. We have existing migration programs to bring in openings and roads data from a variety of sources (e.g. spreadsheets, GIS, other sources, etc.). Additional data can be migrated at any time.
  • Training - DRS will provide customized training sessions that can be focused on a specific user group or provided to the whole team.. We will work with you to determine each user group and the best content for each user group. Additional training beyond the training that's included in the implementation can be requested at any time, and we find most clients request training when new staff come on board, staff move into new positions or when a refresher is required.

We are here to help

Ongoing support

Our clients will tell you one of our strengths is our customer support. We answer every question within one business day - it is one of our company values.

We provide multiple ways for Phoenix Connect users to get support:

  • A searchable online database, which includes FAQs, articles and videos on the most efficient ways to use Phoenix Connect
  • A support widget inside the app that allows you to ask questions directly to our client support team
  • Reach out to our support team directly by email or phone during regular business hours (8:30 AM - 5:00 PM Pacific Time)
  • Webinars on how to use new features
  • Remember - the Phoenix Connect team does all the new updates directly in the app for you - nothing for you to upload!

We work hard to keep our customers informed of new features and updates as they are released.

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