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By work with our clients to embrace the beneifts of our forestry operations management software, services and support their companies can enhance efficiency, promote sustainability, and ensure the long-term viability of our precious forest resources.

This includes forestry companies, forestry consultants and contractors, private landholders, First Nations, lawyers, tax accountants, management consulting firms, and government agencies.

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Our valued clients


"Gorman's has been using DR Systems products for over 25 years. Phoenix has allowed us to be productive in managing our data, and meeting business rules and standards, while all along providing the support required in meeting those standards."

Doug Campbell

GIS Technician, Safety
Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd.

"Phoenix Connect has been a reliable tool in data management within the forestry industry since its inception. The team that supports PC is highly responsive, giving the ability to adapt projects on the fly. As part of the silviculture team here at Aspen Planers Ltd. PC is a part of my day-to-day operations. Getting familiar with the interface was exceptionally easy, training is also provided along with a large array of help tools. Its trainability and ease of use allows this software and support team to provide exactly what is needed for those requiring data management software in the forestry industry."

Brent Liesch

Silviculture Manager
Aspen Planers Ltd.

"As a long time user of DRSystems Phoenix software and now fully into the PhoenixConnect system I am very pleased with the program. It is user friendly, laid out in a logical manner, and the addition of the Mapping function is a big plus. By turning on the ortho images I can quickly confirm that my block shapes and strata are correctly placed- this has been a valuable improvement. Also the DR systems support staff always respond promptly to any help requests and program improvement suggestions. Good job Phoenix team!"

Elske von Hardenberg, RFT

Tulameen Contracting Ltd.

"Phoenix Connect provides our forestry operation with our tracking of our harvesting and reforestation obligations, as well as assigning a variety of tasks to our staff. We are able to make our submissions to the Electronic Framework Submissions and RESULTS as well as monitor our compliance. We use the Roads Module to track all of our road infrastructure and inspections, as well as schedule our maintenance obligations. We are excited to use the new Engagement Module to assist with forest operations map planning, referral tracking, and special projects. Phoenix Connect helps to keep us up-to-date on our legal obligations."

Kelly Kitsch (Cameron), She/Her

Registered Forest Technologist (#0367)
City of Mission

"Atco has been Phoenix/Phoenix Pro users for over 20 years. Over those years, we've received prompt and professional service from the friendly staff. The Phoenix software makes querying data, outputting reports and creating electronic data submissions very simple. We're happy to continue doing business with DR Systems."

Ron Babcock

Atco Wood Products

"I have been using Phoenix for over 10 years. This program has helped me keep my data base organized. A vital tool that I rely on in order to meet the demands from management and the Ministry of Forests. ESF submissions for cutting permits/road permits/planting/harvesting are done quickly with Phoenix. Phoenix support is outstanding! Couldn't ask for better service."

Diane Donald

Capacity Forest Management

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