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Phoenix Connect – Plan, Achieve and Evaluate in the Forest or the Office

Resource management software for forestry, made by foresters for foresters. Using Phoenix Connect and our mobile app, you can easily enter your data in the field or the office - enter and access your operations data securely anytime, anywhere. Since 1991 clients have been telling us that Phoenix does a better job of tracking, planning, and ensuring compliance than any other system in the market.
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Total Control with Phoenix Connect

No matter the size of your operation, it’s easy to get your forest set up and running on Phoenix Connect. And with our mobile app, you can work efficiently in the field or the office. You’re always in charge, as you decide what data you track, what reports you generate. We take care of data security as well as the automatic backups and updates for you at an affordable price. No need to invest in expensive hardware or hire additional staff to maintain it. Plus, we have a friendly customer support team that knows forestry and responds quickly.

Your data is safe and secure with Phoenix Connect.  Our management system follows the ISO 27001/27017 Information Security/Cloud Hosting management standards.


Harvest Planning

  • Block tracking and management – from cutting permits to free growing
  • Easily track planned and actual harvest volumes
  • Customize your data rules to automate data entry so you save time and reduce errors
  • Track your activities and costs

Silviculture Planning

  • Quickly prepare plans for harvesting and silviculture programs such as Forest Stewardship Plans and Site Plans
  • Planting management – including assessment, reporting and automated allocations and SPAR updates
  • Manage your liabilities, assessment and reporting all in one place
  • Visual, user-friendly dashboard lets you see where you are at the touch of a button

Roads Management

  • Create automated inspection plans to stay on top of roads liabilities – know what you need to do and when
  • Plan inspection frequency to minimize your risk
  • Determine your maintenance activities and schedule them
  • Generate reports that help you track staff resources, timing of needed activities and dollars spent


  • Extensive reporting capability –easily generate government submissions (RESULTS & FTA) and real-time, user-driven queries
  • Intuitive import/export features that allows you to quickly share survey and planting data with 3rd party applications
  • Create custom reports for your stakeholders
  • Activity and task scheduling – all in one place


  • Make maps on the fly based on your loaded spatial data
  • Easily view maps, turn layers on or off and generate a georeferenced PDF
  • Identify separate units on planting or survey maps. Assign units different colors and include the related attributes/ instructions
  • Catch any spatial errors & ensure data is correct and ready for submission by being able to preview the spatial data prior to XML creation
  • Seamlessly connect Phoenix Connect to your GIS software and share spatial field data

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Phoenix Connect
A Complete Cloud-Based Solution

Designed by foresters for foresters since 1991

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Doug Nelson
Louisiana-Pacific Canada
I wanted to let you know how important your efforts are to me, as a user of your program(s). We just finished a 'Surveillance Audit', which is required periodically to maintain our SFI Certification. … During the course of (the Silviculture portion of) the audit, reports from Phoenix form much of the 'evidence', and discussions about how we ensure our obligations are met come back to Phoenix. The lead auditor reiterated comments he had made in the past about how impressed he is with Phoenix. He mentioned that he has audited dozens of operations in Canada and all over the US… Phoenix does a better job of tracking, planning, and ensuring compliance than any other system he has seen.
Rob Babcock
Atco has been Phoenix/Phoenix Pro users for over 20 years. Over those years, we’ve received prompt and professional service from the friendly staff. The Phoenix software makes querying data, outputting reports and creating electronic data submissions very simple. We’re happy to continue doing business with DR Systems.