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About DR Systems, Inc.

Since 1983, DR Systems (DRS) has been a leader of the development of land management software, providing tools to the forestry industry to successfully manage natural resources while improving the sustainability of the land.

Our Story

For over 30 years, DR Systems has pioneered software solutions that help boost the profitability of land use while adhering to environmental objectives.

Our unique Triple-Bottom-Line (TBL) approach drives land management solutions that are sustainable in every way – environmentally, social/culturally, and economically. This time-tested, proven method is highly effective at helping our clients improve their planning, monitoring, and implementation processes.

DR Systems’ clientele includes forestry companies, forestry consultants and contractors, private landholders, First Nations, lawyers, tax accountants, management consulting firms, and government agencies.

Our Company History

Who We Are

DR Systems was founded in 1983 by Dr. Don Reimer – a highly respected expert in biometrics and resource management planning. Our team has since grown to include a diverse roster of passionate and skilled professionals with decades of experience in forestry, biology, systems analysis, and software development.

A cohesive team of industry experts incorporate analysis with cutting-edge applications, facilitating our ability to identify and develop the best possible sustainable resource management solutions for your needs.

DRS is a multinational company based in the Pacific Northwest. Our Canadian office is located in Nanaimo, British Columbia, and our US office is in Kirkland, Washington.

What We Do

Our software and consulting services are specifically designed to help you develop a holistic understanding of your landbase. We can help you create an effective plan, develop the most sustainable land management strategies possible and deploy highly effective monitoring systems to track your progress.

All of this leads to a landbase that’s more sustainable, more productive and, ultimately, more profitable.
Our continued success is a by-product of our dedication to customer service excellence. We’re committed to both client satisfaction and success, and we’ll work with you every step of the way to get there.