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DR systems’ products have been successful due to our focus on creating useful and easy to use products for forest practitioners. Operational foresters and field staff need tools that make their jobs easier while at the same time provide timely and valued data for planning, monitoring and reporting purposes. Our goal is to ensure customers are completely satisfied with the products they have purchased from DRS - we have a long history of providing excellent customer service to clients. We value feedback from clients and use it as the basis for additions in future releases.
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Phoenix Connect

Forest Information System

PhoenixPRO is a widely used and proven activity tracking system used by the forest industry in British Columbia, Yukon and Newfoundland for many years.  DRS has now created Phoenix Connect, giving users the ease of working from anywhere with a connected device.

Some highlighted features of Phoenix Connect:

  • plan/schedule activities and tasks
  • email notifications on the status of activities, tasks or assessments
  • easily visualize strategic operational data through the dashboard
  • silviculture liability management, assessment, reporting
  • track and manage blocks from cutting permit to free growing
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Sustainable Land Management Strategies

OPTIONS is a sophisticated and efficient analytical tool that can be used for a host of land-based problems dealing with almost any resource issues whether it be wetland vegetation management, urban/forest interface, restoration, grasslands management, bio-energy or multi-faceted forest uses.  OPTIONS is used by both industry and government organizations and has been used on large and small landbases in Asia, South America, Canada and the United States.  Over the last 20+ years OPTIONS has been used to analyze over 200 million hectares (500 million acres) worldwide.

Some highlighted features of OPTIONS:

  • operates at the individual GIS-polygon level and maintains built-in links to GIS
  • accurately relates spatial constraints, target and land management activities to the policy and strategic planning level
  • enables analysts to develop land management scenarios quickly, run them and evaluate the results
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Resources Permit Management

RPM is a web application that helps track project planning tasks and approvals.  It allows project managers to maintain records in a central location – easily retrievable during daily operations or during an audit.

Some highlighted features of RPM:

  • centralize and track permit data and dates
  • streamline task tracking and follow up activity
  • easy document management
  • user configurable
  • track payments
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